• I added an appearances section to the Mafia III vehicle pages, feel free to add anything you think of. To be clear, I think it's best if the vehicles are driven in missions or cutscenes, by that I mean driven by a named character, not just something driving by. Also, used as part of a mission, like the chemical trucks in the PCP racket, is good too. I know some cars are scripted to be parked at locations in various missions, but I don't think we need to mention all of those.

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    • Id also like to put together a list of all the cars used in the races and add those too.

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    • For the race vehicles, to my knowledge these are the ones used:


      • Lassiter Mamba
      • Potomac Ascent
      • Potomac GT
      • Potomac Independent
      • Smith Moray


      • De'Leo CapuletĀ ?
      • De'Leo Stiletto
      • Samson Duke
      • Samson Opus
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    • Another vehicle project I've been meaning to bring up are the logo images. I had first added those back before the game was released, when we were gleaning information from all those prerelease videos, as verification on the names. I'm not sure I really intended them to be a permanent feature on the pages.

      I have no problem keeping them, but if we do I think they should be replaced with better, more standardized images.

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    • I see no similarity between the Samson ST 45 Tank Truck and Peterbilt 281 based on a Google image search, that's why I removed that trivia entry.

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