• Seems like we discussed this before, just not sure if we decided on anything. I know we did for Mafia II locations, and we decided to only list a faction for the neighborhoods controlled by a gang, not a crime family, and list individual buildings only if they had a clear faction.

    As for Mafia III, the entire city is controlled by Marcano or one of their sub-factions (Dixie Mafia, Southern Union etc.), and then it's slowly taken over by Lincoln. Then there's player choice in who you give six of the nine districts to. There is also the bayou, which only really has a faction present when you have a mission there.

    I think we need to make a choice on whether or not to list factions for locations. To me it seems silly to list Marcano (or the sub-factions) as it's a given that everything is controlled by them at first and listing two factions in the infobox and adding formerly afterward just looks bad. The question is should we list anything at all seeing as it will eventually becomes one of Lincoln's underbosses.

    I know the three home districts can be listed accurately, as the player has no choice on those, but we may want to consider leaving those blank as well. Editors have a bad habit of thinking they need to fill in any blank entry they see on infoboxes and a not listing anything there may be the best way to avoid that. We could probably just remove that entry from all Mafia III locations.

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    • I remember bringing this up in chat a while back after I removed the Marcano faction from a number of location pages, but I don't think we ever settled on anything. I also think it'd be best not to list any factions for any locations. Even the home districts were once controlled by the Marcanos, and the rackets in Delray Hollow changed control twice, from the Black Mob to the Dixie Mafia and finally to the Haitian Mob.

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    • So we'll just remove the faction from all Mafia III location infoboxes. I know the underbosses home (Pierced Heart, Benny's restaurant, Burke's Iron and Metal) are obviously controlled by them from beginning to end, but I think stating that in the infobox would be unnecessary as it is clearly described on the page.

      As I said above, we may as well just remove the field from the infobox list altogether, this may help keep people from filling it in. If we're in agreement then I'll get started on this, I may give the auto-wiki browser a try, it should make quick work of it.

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    • ReapTheChaos wrote: As I said above, we may as well just remove the field from the infobox list altogether, this may help keep people from filling it in. If we're in agreement then I'll get started on this, I may give the auto-wiki browser a try, it should make quick work of it.

      That would only work for people using the source editor, as the visual editor automatically shows all allowed fields of an infobox when one is edited and, moreover, doesn't add fields to the source unless they're non-empty.

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    • Well I guess we will just leave it blank then. The only other option would be to make a new infobox, that seems a bit much right now. If it continues to be an issue we can address that later.

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    • That works for me, I'll start removing them tomorrow if you haven't already.

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    • I'll do them, I want a chance to give that auto browser a try again.

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    • Another thing you might want to do along with that is remove the trivia section on locations that don't have any trivia entries.

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    • I haven't messed with that browser enough to figure out how to change two things at once, I'll make a second pass and do the trivia sections though.

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    • On second thought, are we sure we want to remove these trivia sections just now? Some of them are blank, like Barclay Mills, surely there's something in that entire district that's noteworthy enough to add there, maybe we just haven't put enough thought into it.

      I know the other day I did a Google search on Baptist churches in New Orleans to see if that building was based on any of them, I saw a couple that looked close but nothing spot on, but I didn't go past my generic search term to look deeper into it.

      The way I see it is kind of like what I was saying about the faction field, if users see a blank space they feel the need to add something, well if they don't see a trivia section they may do the opposite and not add noteworthy things. We may want to give it some time and maybe if these sections are still blank after the game has been out a year or so we can see about removing them.

      To be honest I can probably come up with something on many of them if I wanted, I just haven't put that much thought into it. That bug for the Anderson Bay Lighthouse if you arrive in a boat comes to mind. I also thought it might be worth mentioning on the baptist church page that it contains a tac-vest and three medicine cabinets that can be easily accessed from the start of the game, making it a good place to stock up on free supplies early on, (or even later really, I stop there and stock up regularly) I just thought a statement like that might border too much on opinion/gameplay advice.

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    • I wasn't specifically referring to removing the trivia on the district pages, but I guess we can keep it on all the location pages for now.

      I'm not sure if it's necessary to mention the supplies on the First Baptist Church page in the trivia section; to me it seems like enough to have them in the notable items section.

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