The Tanager is a location in Mafia III.


The Tanager is owned by Frank Pagani and is moored at Port Bourbon in Tickfaw Harbor. Frank uses it in his smuggling operations from Cuba. It was presumably one of the ships Frank and Tommy Marcano used in their operations in Cuba. Frank used it to travel to Cuba to collect Alvarez and whatever casino equipment could be salvaged from Tommy's former casinos.

While the ship was docked in Tickfaw Harbor, Lincoln Clay infiltrated it and placed a tracker on Frank's De'Leo Traviata in order to locate Frank once he returned.



  • During the first part of The Connection to Cuba, there is a Samson Opus parked on the top deck of the ship. It can be used to make your escape by jumping a series of ramps.


  • View from the bow
  • View from midship
  • Paradiso sign being removed from the cargo hold
  • The cargo hold
  • The cargo hold
  • Frank's car in the cargo hold