The Red Hand Gang is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

This is a Brodie Gang mission. JV Icon B
"You got word that the Irishmen have been planning a heist at a warehouse. Disrupt the plan by destroying their getaway trucks and leaving the Micks red-handed at the scene. Don't allow them to finish the job and line Brodie's pockets."


There are two sound ways to approach this mission:

  • From the start you can head north and turn left at the train tracks and follow them around to the trucks. This allows you to get up close and use your own car as cover.
  • The other is to go south and head into the parking lot of Union Station. From here you can take cover and snipe them from an elevated position, then once they're all dead you can go below and blow up the trucks.

Use one of those methods or make up your own; either way there will be eight or ten thugs to take out along with the four trucks. The gas tanks on the trucks are on the left side just below the door. One shot will do them in and when the last one has gone up in flames head up to Union Station where the safe zone icon will be by the front entrance.


  • The Red Hand has long been a heraldic and cultural symbol of the northern Irish province of Ulster.
  • The former government of Northern Ireland displayed the Red Hand of Ulster prominently in the center of its flag until the government was abolished in 1972.