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The Red Dragon is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. It is owned by Zhe Yun Wong and used as a front for the Triads. It is only accessible in Exit the Dragon and the mission Bang Bang Chicken in The Betrayal of Jimmy. It's also the headquarters for the Triads.


In 1951, Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro started a bloody shootout at the Red Dragon as revenge for killing Henry Tomasino who was thought to be an FBI informant by the Empire Bay Triads. This resulted in the deaths of many Triad members, including Mr. Wong. The police arrived at the scene but had no idea who the culprits were as the witnesses were unable to speak fluent English. The shootout eventually caused bad blood between the Triads and the Mafia families of Empire Bay.

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  • The Red Dragon has about 22-29 Triads guarding it.
  • The restaurant is exclusively for members only.
  • The events of Exit the Dragon were later aired on all the radio stations of Empire Bay, shortly after Vito and Joe's escape.
  • Sammy Stevens was a member and frequent customer of the restaurant, as mentioned by him on Delta Radio shortly after the large shootout.
  • Sammy Stevens reports that a hoard of drugs were found in the basement.
  • The sign above the door, next to the dragon sculpture, has four Chinese characters, two on top and two below, they translate "Lunch" and "Dinner".


  • The Red Dragon exterior
  • The Red Dragon interior
  • The Red Dragon interior
  • The Red Dragon interior
  • The Red Dragon interior
  • The Red Dragon interior
  • The Red Dragon interior

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