The Proverbial Canary is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


A lawyer with dirt on Slim could lose everything if he turns on the Sinclair Sheriff's Department - and he needs your help.

The Proverbial Canary is one of three sub-missions needed to complete Concerned Citizens.


The Proverbial Canary 2

Lincoln and Remus discuss the situation

Christian Remus has had occasion to perform legal services for Sheriff Walter Beaumont, along with some "not so legal" services. Now that Beaumont's behind bars, he's afraid Remus will talk. Not wanting to have him killed, he decided to have Remus' wife Blanche kidnapped and held by some Deputies at Sinclair Scrap & Salvage. Charles Laveau sends Lincoln to help free her so that Christian and Blanche can go into hiding until Slim's trial.


The Proverbial Canary 3

Sheriff's Deputies arrive at the scrapyard

Talk to the lawyer.

Go to the scrapyard.

Free Blanche.

  • Blanche is being held in a building in the back, guarded by a few Sheriff's Deputies. There will also be some Southern Union thugs around the scrapyard. Cut her free and she will take off on her own.


  • If you stayed stealth while in the scrapyard, you will be able to leave unimpeded; otherwise, Sheriff's Deputies will enter the scrapyard as you begin to leave.

Return to the lawyer.

  • Head back to the Law Office and speak with Christian to end the mission.



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