The Poor Sumbitch is a story chapter in Mafia III.


It's become clear that eliminating this judge will inflict serious damage to Marcano's plan to legalize gambling.


The Poor Sumbitch 2

Judge Holden's motorcade

John Donovan has found a name for the judge helping Marcano, Cornelius Holden. It seems the judge is worried that Lincoln might come after him, so he placed a call to Lou Marcano telling him they're not paying him enough to put up with this kind of risk. He tells Lou to get this situation under control because his brother's case isn't going anywhere until he does. Lou agrees to send over a car for the judge with some of his best men, who will see to it that the judge is kept safe.

Judge Holden is also presiding over the Hollis Dupree trial, so the two think killing him will kick up a lot of noise and hopefully send a message that it's long past time men like him went extinct. There's one slight hitch in the plan, the car Lou sent is a custom armored job, tough as hell but not entirely impossible to get at the judge while he's inside.

Donovan explains that the judge is about to leave the courthouse so now is Lincoln's window. He doesn't follow a set route since the trial started, but he still makes a stop or two along the way home. Lincoln can either hit him then or go after him while he's driving around.


See Donovan for the latest on the Judge.

Kill Judge Holden.

  • You may kill the judge at any point along his route, but following him offers additional background on the Hollis Dupree case. The vehicle is armored, so explosives offer the easiest solution for killing him.


  • Once he's dead escape the area to end the mission.
  • The Police Dispatcher perk will be unavailable during this mission.


Completing this chapter grants The Poor Sumb**** achievement and opens up Real Nice Time, where Lincoln will kill Lou Marcano.


  • In the beginning cutscene, Holden's limo is seen as a Potomac Gallant. However, during gameplay, it's a Lassiter Majesty.
  • When Lincoln is driving during this mission, his equipped weapons and explosives will have infinite capacity, and he may also use an unlimited number of Adrenaline Shots.


  • The Judge may not leave the courthouse steps, making it impossible for the mission to proceed. This may be caused by a random NPC standing in front of the motorcade, blocking its path and preventing the trigger for the Judge enter his car. Reloading the checkpoint may correct this.
    • If reloading the checkpoint does not work, you may use a sniper rifle to zoom in and kill the Judge on the courthouse steps. Using Slow-Mo Shooting can make this easier.