The Money Thief is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He worked for the Morello Crime Family and led a group of thugs to try to steal the money at Clark's Motel. While he stole the money, the thugs injured Paulie and Sam shortly after their arrival. After Tommy Angelo killed all the thugs and rescued Sam, he pointed a gun at Tommy and fled. As he drove away, Tommy chased him through the countryside.


There are a few ways for this guy to die: the one is when Tommy kills him in a drive-by, second is when he flips his car over and dies and third is when his car is very damaged. He will then get out and try to kill Tommy, but player has a choice of either getting out of car and shooting the thief, or driving him over with a car. It is also possible to avoid the car chase by shooting the wheels off his car prior to entering the motel. This will see him stand outside the motel, near his damaged vehicle, shooting at Tommy.

Mission Appearances


  • It is possible to kill him before entering the motel through a window, ending the mission immediately.