The Mona Lisa is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a restaurant in West Side run by the Vinci Crime Family. Like The Maltese Falcon and Freddy's Bar, it is used as a front for the family's illegal activities. It is owned by Frank Vinci.


Menu Item Cost 1945 Cost 1951
Brandy $0.70 $0.85
Whiskey $0.70 $0.85
Wine $0.60 $0.80
Old Empirical Beer $0.45 $0.60
Coffee $0.17 $0.20



  • Strangely, the name "Mona Lisa" is another name for "La Gioconda", the masterpiece of the genius with the same surname as the family, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • It was named for Frank Vinci's late wife.
  • It was opened in 1899.


  • The original Mona Lisa
  • The Mona Lisa from artbook
  • Brandy
  • Whiskey
  • Wine
  • Old Empirical Beer
  • Coffee
  • Mona Lisa icon

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