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The Mafia is an extremely powerful, highly organized, and deadly Italian American criminal society that originated and developed from the Sicilian Mafia. Lacking a formal name, its members usually refer to it as Cosa Nostra, meaning "our thing" or "our work".

The American Mafia emerged in Italian immigrant neighborhoods in New York City and other areas of the East Coast of the United States and several other major metropolitan areas such as New Orleans during the late 19th and early 20th century following waves of Italian immigration.

Family Hierarchy

A Mafia crime family is led by a boss, sometimes called the Don or "Godfather". Below him will be an underboss and a counselor or consigliere. The underboss supervises several caporegimes who in turn control a group of soldatos. A caporegime and his soldiers are referred to as "a crew". By tradition, only men of Italian descent are allowed to become full members (made men), though an associate has no ethnic limits.

The Commission

The Commission is the governing body of the American Mafia, formed in 1931 by Charles "Lucky" Luciano. The Commission replaced the "Boss of all Bosses" title with a ruling committee consisting of the New York five family bosses and the boss of the Chicago outfit.

Mafia II

The Commission exists within Mafia II. Leo Galante explains to Vito that the bosses of all three families are members and they meet to settle disagreements when they arise. He also explains that mob families holding seats on the Commission have to follow certain rules, and when he learns from Vito that Clemente has been demanding $5,000 in membership fees from prospective inductees, claims that it is against the rules, and that Clemente will have to provide answers. Don Carlo Falcone also stated that he could justify killing Alberto Clemente to the Commission because Clemente kidnapped and tortured his men. They have a strict policy of no drugs, although both Alberto Clemente and Carlo Falcone have flouted this rule, and it is their involvement in the narcotics trade that led to their conflict in the first place.

The Commission uses Empire Bay loan shark Bruno Levine to handle their money; however this is not limited to the three families of Empire Bay but out-of-town families sitting on the Commission also, which makes it difficult to kill Bruno as he is handling other people's money.

The Commission falls afoul of the Empire Bay Triads after Vito and Joe storm the Red Dragon restaurant in Chinatown and massacre a large chunk of the Triads, including Zhe Yun Wong, leading to the Triads declaring war on them. This spurs Leo Galante to return to Empire Bay from his self-imposed exile in Lost Heaven and broker a truce with the Triads, sparing the life of Vito Scaletta, who personally executes Falcone. The Commission send Vito on exile following Falcone's death.

Mafia III

The Commission also exists within Mafia III, with Sal Marcano and the Marcano Crime Family kicking up a portion of their profits to them. They were also responsible for sending Vito Scaletta to work for the Marcano family in New Bordeaux as a caporegime, which Sal grudgingly accepts (he suspects Vito to be a mole planted by the Commission to spy on him), and seemingly take a much softer position on drugs, as Leo permits Lincoln to run narcotics rackets in New Bordeaux if he so wishes. Due to the Commission's rules, Sal is unable to have Vito whacked without good reason because he's "made", but at the same time, doesn't want to risk the chance that Vito finds out about Sal's plan to open a casino in the city, as he will need enough money to pay off both the state legislators and the other families on the Commission.

Sal eventually reaches out to Leo for his help in getting his casino project off the ground, after he has run out of money with which to pay for either the construction costs or for crooked city government officials due to the actions of Lincoln Clay, much to his chagrin as the Commission will want to share in the casino's profits and, as he states, the only reason he wanted to open a casino in New Bordeaux in the first place was so that he could break free of the Commission.

In any case, Leo and several other representatives from the Commission arrive in New Bordeaux to meet with Sal, although by the time they arrive, Sal had already been killed: either murdered by Lincoln or through a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Lincoln is confronted by Leo as he leaves the casino, who warns him that the rest of the Commission wants to kill Lincoln and his associates for their crusade against the Marcano's, although he is reassured that, so long as Lincoln doesn't go to war with any of the other families sitting on the Commission, they will leave him and his associates alone.

Leo also mentions to Lincoln that, as Sal paid them monthly tribute equating to 20% of his earnings for that month, and had done so for the past twenty years, perhaps he should resume their arrangement by taking over Marcano's criminal empire and paying monthly tribute to the Commission as Sal had done.

Mafia Series Families


Mafia II

Mafia III


  • The term Mafia was originally used in Italy by the media and law enforcement to describe criminal groups in Sicily. When Italian immigrants started forming organized crime families in the United States, the American press borrowed the term and it became the predominant name used by law enforcement and the public.
  • A note in the Frankie Potts files suggests that Lucky Luciano is the chairman of the Commission in Empire Bay, though this would be anachronistic as neither him nor the Genovese crime family are present or even mentioned in the Mafia Series.
  • Giorgi Marcano mentioned Al Capone and how he was indicted for tax evasion, Roman Barbieri was once a Chicago mobster, therefore there is a possibility that the Chicago Outfit exists in the Mafia universe.

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