The Lone Star is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a bar located in Hunters Point, it is often frequented by the Bombers. The bartender is also a member of the Bombers and has decorated the walls of the bar with posters of black boxers and jazz bands. It also has a poster of Dorrie Miller (seen in other places in game), arguably because the owner is proud of a black Navy Cross recipient.


Menu Item Cost 1945 Cost 1951
Old Empirical Beer $0.35 $0.50
Coffee $0.07 $0.10
Brandy $0.65 $0.80
Master Beer $0.40 $0.55
Stoltz Beer $0.35 $0.50
Whiskey $0.60 $0.75


  • The bartender owns a shotgun, and since most of the patrons are members of the Bombers, they are armed as well.
  • The bartender, Leon, is killed in Room Service, but a new one will take his place the next morning.
  • The bar has a lot of posters and items of baseball, basketball and boxing because of of their love of sports.
  • Sometimes when Vito enters the bar when not on a mission and there are Bombers present, he will be stared at. However, the bartender is always pleasant with Vito, making statements such as "What'll it be, Jack?"


  • Group of Bombers outside The Lone Star
  • Old Empirical Beer
  • Coffee
  • Brandy
  • Master Beer
  • Stoltz Beer
  • Whiskey
  • The Lone Star icon

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