The Folder is an item found in the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.


The Folder is a collection of evidence and witness statements collected over the past year by Charles and Roxy Laveau as they built their civil rights case against Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont.


Laveau's trusted associate, Ezekiel Dandridge, was in Sinclair Parish gathering evidence, witness testimony, and names for them to turn over to a civil rights attorney out of Washington D.C. As he was wrapping things up late one evening, he stopped to call Laveau to inform him of his progress. While on the phone, he was approached by Slim Beaumont, who asked Ezekiel what he was doing in Sinclair Parish so late at night.

Ezekiel explained that he was just passing through, but that wasn't good enough for Slim, who shot Ezekiel dead right there in the street. The Sheriff then took the folder and the evidence it contained back to his office for safekeeping.

Retrieving the Folder

With everything at stake, Laveau enlists Lincoln Clay to help his daughter Roxy retrieve the folder from Sheriff Beaumont's office. Once they have it in hand, they discover that the Sheriff has already gone to work on dismantling their case as some of the witnesses have gone missing.

With no time to lose, they contact and warn all but three of the people on the list, Andy Lafayette, Gina Paulson, and Eddie Hanahan, who have been cut off by the Sheriff. Lincoln and Roxy make a plan to distract the Sheriff's Department while M.J. gets those three and smuggles them out of Sinclair Parish.

After an intense standoff with Beaumont, his Deputies, and the Southern Union, M.J. finally manages to get the witnesses to safety, while Lincoln and Roxy capture Sheriff Beaumont. After being brought back to Laveau's Compound, both Beaumont and the folder are turned over to the proper authorities.


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