The Everly Brothers duo of singing brothers: Don and Phil, (Don Everly, born Isaac Donald Everly February 1, 1937, Brownie, Kentucky, Phil Everly, born Phillip Everly, January 19, 1939, Chicago, Illinois) are male siblings who were top-selling country-influenced rock and roll performers, best known for their steel-string guitar playing and close harmony singing. Their greatest period of chart success came between 1957 and 1961.

Don, the older brother was born in Brownie, a now-defunct coal mining town located outside of Central City, Kentucky. Phil Everly was born in Chicago. The sons of country musicians, Margaret Embry and Isaac Milford "Ike" Everly, Jr., the Everly Brothers grew up in Iowa. They performed with their parents on live radio and in small-market live shows in the midwest.

In addition to both being competent guitarists, the brothers used a style of close harmony singing in which each brother sang a tune that could often stand on its own as a plausible melody line. This is in contrast to classic harmony lines which, while working well alongside the melody, would sound strange if heard by themselves. One of the best examples of their close-harmony work is their recording of "Devoted to You".

The duo's approach to harmony singing had a strong influence on the rock and roll groups of the 1960s. For example, both The Beatles and The Beach Boys developed their early singing style by performing Everly's covers. The Beatles based the vocal arrangement of their song "Please Please Me" directly upon that of "Cathy's Clown".