The Dragstrip is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a small bar in North Millville frequented by the Greasers. It is situated in a small wooden building, and it contains a jukebox to the left of the door and a small bar.

Not much is known of the bar's history, except that it appears to have once been a Motel, since the building has multiple doors on the outside, and "Motel Office" is written on the front door. And like many businesses in Empire Bay it closed down during the 1940s due to the event of World War II. The bar was reopened in 1950 where it became one of the notable hangouts of the Greasers.



Menu Item Cost
Old Empirical Beer $0.50
Wine $0.65
Whiskey $0.80
Brandy $0.85
Coffee $0.10


  • The bar is converted from a dilapidated motel that was named "Motel Metal Squirrel".
  • The roadside Motel sign has been spray painted over with the words "Motor Psycho".
  • In Joe's Adventures Witness - Frozen Memories bar is open, but there's only Clemente Crime Family gangsters.
  • If you go behind the bar, the barman may call you a dickwad.


  • The Dragstrip interior
  • Old Empirical Beer
  • Wine
  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Coffee
  • Motor Psycho
  • Motel Metal Squirrel