The Delphine is a location in Mafia III.



The Delphine is a riverboat owned by Lou Marcano that he uses for recreation and to throw lavish parties. It's a paddle wheel steamer craft designed to operate in the shallow waterways in and around New Bordeaux and Bayou Fantom.

Jacobs' Fundraiser

When Judge Holden is killed by Lincoln Clay, Sal Marcano's plan to legalize gambling starts to fall apart. To try to set things right, Lou decides to use the Delphine to throw a fundraising party for Senator Jacobs, hoping to win his support for their plan. When Lincoln Clay learns of the party, he plants explosives on a Coal Dumper to hit the Delphine as it passes, causing severe damage and ultimately sinking it.


Notable Items



The following weapons are available during Real Nice Time.


  • Before Real Nice Time the boat can be found moored along the southeastern shore of the French Ward. Afterward, it will remain capsized on its side in Bayou Fantom.


  • The Delphine front
  • The Delphine rear
  • The Delphine in Real Nice Time
  • The Delphine after the accident
  • Riverboat Captain
  • The Delphine wreckage
  • The Delphine wreckage
  • The Delphine wreckage
  • The Delphine after the wreck
  • The Delphine concept art

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