Ten Double-Zero is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


There's a folder stuffed with evidence against the Sinclair Sheriff's Department in Slim's office. Take it.


Ten Double-Zero 2

Meeting M.J.

Roxy introduces Lincoln to her partner, fellow Vietnam Veteran Mitch "M.J." Decosta. The two hit it off right away as they get down to business and discuss their plan to retrieve The Folder. M.J.'s friend Mickey, a deputy in the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department, told him Slim has the folder locked up down at the station. They decide to wait until nightfall before heading out.

Later that night they drive into town. While Roxy provides surveillance and intel, Lincoln infiltrates the Sheriff's Office to grab the folder from Slim's desk. Once the evidence is in hand, they regroup back at M.J.'s farm. Once there, Roxy quickly realizes the Sheriff has already begun dismantling the year of work the movement has put into the case. Several of the witnesses have gone missing and the Sheriff has shut down the Parish, making sure nobody gets out. Roxy heads to the house to call the people on their list and tell them to get out of Sinclair.


Ten Double-Zero 3

Lincoln and Roxy

Meet M.J.

  • Head into the greenhouse to meet M.J.

Get in the car with Roxy.

  • After nightfall, get into the Potomac Ascent with Roxy and drive into town.

Drop off Roxy.

  • Once the car is parked, make your way across the street to the Sheriff's Department. You will pass by a Junction Box if you want to wiretap the area first.

Infiltrate the Sheriff's Department.

  • There's several points where you can scale the wall, or you can enter through the front door. If you stay in stealth, there's three conversations you can overhear along the way to Slim's office.

Find the folder.

  • The Folder will be on top of Slim's desk on the second floor.

Escape with the folder.

  • If you remained in stealth, you can just leave. If combat was entered there will be a second wave of deputies to fight your way through.

Return to M.J.'s.


Completing this mission leads directly into New Shade of Green.


Information coming soon.