Telephones are an item featured in the Mafia Series to make and receive phone calls both in and out of various missions.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Phone booths are found scattered around Lost Heaven and are used by Tommy Angelo to make calls.

Mafia II

Telephones are located inside safehouses and pay phones can be seen throughout Empire Bay. When Vito, Joe or Jimmy have a need to make a phone call, they will show up in the mini-map as a white phone handset inside a green circle. They can be used to place mission related calls or to bribe Sergeant Devado of the Empire Bay Police Department to get rid of your wanted level, at a price of $500. Chapters often start with Vito receiving a phone call.

Mafia III

Telephone (Mafia III)

Telephone in Mafia III

Telephones are located inside of most buildings and pay phones can be seen throughout New Bordeaux. They're first used by Lincoln Clay in A Friend in Jesus, when he calls Sammy to arrange transportation. Later, they're used after each new racket is taken over to assign it to one of his underbosses.

They are also used by civilians to contact the New Bordeaux Police Department when they witness a crime being committed, and by enemy gangsters to call in reinforcements. Phone service may be temporarily interrupted through use of the Operator perk by contacting Jennifer Moran, an associate of Cassandra's, and paying her to place a short term block on local phone lines.


Mafia II

  • The phone icon will only display on your mini-map when you have a need to use one.
  • When using the phone, the player is immune to police attention and injury.

Mafia III

  • The player may also stop civilians from placing phone calls to the police by approaching them and using the melee button before they've had time to finish their call.


  • Phone booth in Lost Heaven
  • Phone booth in Empire Bay
  • Pay phone in New Bordeaux
  • Pay phone in New Bordeaux