Taking the Mick is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

This is a Brodie Gang mission. JV Icon B
"Looks like Tam's up to his old tricks, bullying shopkeepers for small change. His goons are pounding the streets, dishing out threats, thrashings, or worse. Somebody needs to rein them in. Beat the Irish thugs and make an example out of them for others to see. Don't kill them either; you want these fuckwits to show their scars around the neighborhood."


A pretty simple one. Despite what the mission brief said, not killing them isn't an option; however, you still have to beat down the first one or you will fail the mission.

Head to the location with the racketeers and push any one of the three to start a fistfight with him. The other two will run off and be joined by a few other thugs, who you'll get to shortly. Once you’ve finished off the first guy, take cover and draw your weapon. Take out the other two as well as the additional thugs who joined them. Once you’re done head the short distance around the corner to the safe zone to end the mission.


  • Taking the Mick, also known as Taking the Mickey, is a slang term for making fun of, or to make others laugh at, someone. Mick is also used as a derogatory term for an Irishman.