A TL-49 Fuse is a gameplay mechanic item in Mafia III.

Gameplay Usage

TL-49 fuses are collectible items found throughout each district of New Bordeaux. They are used inside of junction boxes to wiretap an area. Each junction box requires three fuses.


They are marked on your main map by a small green dot and on the mini-map with the green fuse icon. Five fuses will be automatically added to Lincoln's inventory during Thicker Than Blood and John Donovan will give him another three in The Way of Flesh.


  • There are 545 fuses spread throughout New Bordeaux, counting the eight given to Lincoln. 267 of them will be needed to wiretap all junction boxes, leaving 278 extra.
  • Even when wiretapped, there are some fuses that do not show on the map until you're right by them.


  • TL-49 fuse
  • Junction box

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