Stephen DeGarmo is a character in Mafia III.


Stephen DeGarmo is the nephew of Remy Duvall, a known ally of the Marcano Crime Family. After Remy was killed, Stephen became heir to his estate, which included the land where Sal Marcano was building his new casino. When Sal learns of this he and Olivia Marcano devise a plan to offer DeGarmo a portion of the casino's profits in exchange for him signing over the rights to the land. Sal never intends to keep this deal and plans to have DeGarmo killed once he signs the paperwork.

When DeGarmo arrived at the Retroussé Yacht Club for the wake, he refused to sign the land over. Olivia had her men take him to a shed out back and attempt to force him to sign, but even after they smashed his hand and threatened to break every bone in his body, Stephen still refused. After DeGarmo was worked over repeatedly by the Marcanos, Lincoln Clay broke into the building where he was being held and freed him. They made their escape in DeGarmo's car, and Lincoln left him with John Donovan, who got him out of New Bordeaux and into hiding.




  • According to DeGarmo, he barely knew Remy, despite being heir to his estate.