Stan is a minor character in Mafia II.


He is an attendant for a Trago Gas Station in East Side and was one of the people Vito Scaletta sold stolen gas stamps to in Enemy of the State. He was set to testify against Vito in court and had decided to take the five o'clock train to Birkland the day Vito was arrested to hide until the trial.

Joe Barbaro tracked him down through a coworker after placing a gun in his mouth, who then gave up Stan's whereabouts. When Joe arrived at Union Station he led him on a chase through the rail yard and into a nearby alley where Joe convinces him to leave Empire Bay and never return. Thinking he knows more than he's saying, Joe interrogates him further, breaking one of his fingers on his right hand in the process. He then reveals that there is a rat in the Clemente Crime Family who was going to bring down their whole operation.


  • Stan's character model is used for Frankie Potts and all the gas station attendants besides those in Joe's Adventures with glasses.
  • If you kill him, it will cause a mission failure, but if you shoot him in the leg at any point in the chase through the rail yard, it will skip to the cutscene of Joe breaking his finger.