Sound and Furry is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

This is a Brodie Gang mission. JV Icon B
"The Irishman's crew stole 30 grand worth of fur coats from a warehouse at the port. That's a pretty good haul, but you can't let Tam have all that cash, now can you? Destroy the crates containing the coats so that they can't be sold."


From the start, head to the first group of crates. Use the wall or one of the vehicles for cover and kill the two Irish thugs inside the fence. At this point two or three more will come down the street so take them out, then use your weapon to destroy the crates sitting in the back. The next group of crates is across the street in a short alley. There should be two more thugs here, unless they already came after you with the first group.

Once you're done here, hop in a car and drive to the area in front of the Clemente Slaughterhouse. Take cover behind the limo parked there and the third group of crates will be behind the chain link fence in the back. There will be about five thugs back in the area taking cover as well. You can either shoot the crates from there and then leave ignoring the thugs or take everyone out.

An alternative way to do the last group is to stop at the beginning of the bridge. If you look to your left you should just be able to see the glowing crates in the distance between the buildings. Shoot them from there; you'll know when you're done when the marker disappears off your mini-map.

However you choose to deal with the last group, when you're finished head back the way you came where three last goons will open fire on you from down the street, so grab some cover and kill them too. Around about now the police tend to show up, if they haven't already, so deal with them as necessary. The odd thing is they come from the direction of the slaughterhouse, which is a dead end.

Once you've dealt with the last group hop in a car or simply run down the street to the safe zone to end the mission.


  • This mission is the only time you can get both the Smith and Walter Coupes in this DLC. You should see them parked along the road as you go through this mission. If you want one, you need to take it before you head for the safe zone as they will disappear once you activate it. If you would like one of each simply redo the mission a second time.