Smugglers' Luck is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Antonio Balsamo. JA Icon T
"Joe! Got word a couple of shitbags are tryin' to move something big through the port without us knowin'! That's gonna change real soon. Get your ass down there and find out what their little secret is. Bring whatever you find to our garage in Chinatown. And hey Joe, if some of them get hurt along the way, even better."


There's probably a dozen ways this one can be done, but for the sake of this walkthrough we're going to stick with one that's both simple and easily repeatable.

Before you begin you'll want to get your hands on a large vehicle that also has decent speed. Limousines fit the bill perfectly, but a Houston Wasp or Lassiter Series 69 will also work.

Start the mission and head down towards the port; as you get close the marker will begin to move. Hang back a little and there will be a Shubert 38 Panel Truck followed by a Lassiter Series 69 that will come out and head towards the street. Just follow them for a little bit but be careful, the moment you hit either vehicle they'll open fire, and they can be quite deadly.

They'll exit onto the streets and then turn west at the next intersection, heading toward the highway on ramp. Right after the turn you need to pass them and speed ahead to the on ramp, parking your car sideways between the concrete walls at the bottom blocking their way. Be careful not to get too far ahead or you'll get a warning that you're losing them.

Once this is done jump out and take cover by your car. When they get there they'll be forced to stop so now's the time to take out the driver of the van and the other henchmen. It's advisable that you not use a grenade or shoot the gas tank of either vehicle. If the van blows up you fail the mission, and even if you just destroy the other car you can easily blow out a couple tires on the van, making it a very difficult drive should you end up with the police chasing you.

Once they're all dead jump in the van, do a U-turn and drive it to the garage in Chinatown, parking under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • If you're using the limousine it will block both lanes of the on ramp nicely, making it nearly impossible for them to get around. If you use another vehicle just make sure to park evenly between the two concrete walls to lessen the chance that they can squeeze through and get past you.
  • After completing this mission you will have access to the Greenfield Safehouse. Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine #6 is located there.