Sky is a drug in Mafia III.

"When the Sky falls
The mind ascends
The flesh consumes"
— The Ensanglante


Covered in Blood 5

Sky is a drug used by The Ensanglante in their rituals and ceremonies. It is burned in incense urns that are either hung from a wall or ceiling or placed on the floor. When burned, it produces a purple smoke that causes a hallucinogenic state. Prolonged exposure causes uncontrolled psychosis, violent tendencies, and bright glowing eyes. Harless Girls are habitual users of Sky, which has resulted in their hyperactive and violent behavior.

Lincoln's Exposure

Lincoln Clay first experiences the effects of Sky in the indoctrination room below Nuit Blanche, after Bonnie Harless opens a valve allowing the smoke to be pumped into the room. This causes him to hallucinate, making things in the environment look bizarre as he sees strange visions.

He later has hallucinations of vines growing across the floor at Harless Mansion, and while he's in Wells Park Middle School, he believes he's back in the fire that killed the students there years earlier. At Sacriste Sanatorium, he thinks he's being pulled into a pool of blood by arms reaching out of it, only to be saved by a vision of Anna McGee. At this point, his prolonged exposure has caused his eyes to begin glowing.


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  • Sky filled ceremonial room
  • Sky filled ceremonial room