Skunk in the Trunk is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Marty Santorelli. JA Icon M
"Joe, I'm in big fuckin' trouble here. I hit some guy - I mean some crazy fuck just jumped in front of my cab this morning! He came outta nowhere, he had to be like drunk or somethin'! The fucker's dead Joe! The cops'll never believe it was an accident! You gotta help me! I didn't think nobody was lookin' so I shoved his body in my trunk. You gotta do somethin' with it fast!"


Once you start, the area will immediately be swarming with police looking for Marty's taxicab. It's parked at his apartment so drive there and get in. The vehicle is wanted, but changing the plates does no good seeing as the trunk latch is broken and there's a dead body in there.

Sit in the parking lot a moment and wait for any police on your mini-map to clear out then exit the parking lot. Your GPS might direct you to turn right, but you want to go left and take the highway. Drive to Riverside and make your way to Bruski's Scrap & Salvage. Park the cab in the crusher, go up the stairs and destroy it, then head to the nearby safe zone to end the mission.

If you can't manage to shake the police and they chase you all the way to the scrapyard then you can either bribe or kill them; however, this can be rather time-consuming so keep an eye on your timer.

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  • The mission's name and objectives are similar to the mission Dead Skunk in the Trunk in Grand Theft Auto III, where you have to take a car with a corpse in it to a junkyard and crush it.