A Sitdown is a meeting between Lincoln Clay and his underbosses.


Lincoln and his underbosses, Cassandra, Burke, and Vito, will assemble at Eaglehurst Plantation to discuss each district after it's taken over. Each underboss will argue why they should be given control of the district and offer any favors not already taken as incentive.


Failing to assign enough territory to any underboss or taking controlled rackets away at the sitdowns can have a lasting effect on their loyalty. When loyalty drops, the percentage of kickback that underboss pays will drop as well. Taking away rackets at the sitdown will also remove any perks that correspond with their decreased earn, though favors will be kept. Any money spent on perk upgrades through the Arms Dealer will be lost along with the perk itself.

If loyalty drops too low, an underboss may turn on Lincoln, triggering a betrayal mission where Lincoln will be forced to kill that underboss.


First District

After killing the lieutenant of the first district, Lincoln will explain that this is their first step toward breaking Marcano and taking over the city. He'll hear what his underbosses have to say, but he decides who gets the turf, and in the end his decision is final.

Enzo Conti

After dealing with Enzo Conti, Lincoln will explain that Enzo backed away clean, and nobody is moving anything through Barclay Mills without paying up to them.

Tony Derazio

After killing Tony Derazio, Lincoln will explain that Derazio just kissed the pavement outside The Royal Hotel, and Downtown is theirs. They own everything, from Cavar Construction and the sham work sites, to the Imperial and all the men who owe the mob money.

Frank Pagani

After killing Frank Pagani, Lincoln will tell his underbosses that Pagani won't be running anything through Tickfaw Harbor again, and it's their territory now.

Lou Marcano

After killing Lou Marcano, Lincoln will explain that come morning, the city will realize that their dear old Uncle Lou didn't die out there in the swamps when his riverboat sank. With Lou dead, Sal's going to be scrambling to figure out his next move. Meanwhile, they're going to take control of the Plow House, the Cistern, and all the drinking and sex in the French Ward.

Olivia Marcano

After dealing with Olivia Marcano, Lincoln will explain that he put her in the hospital, but he'll be surprised if she makes it through the night. Sal's going to know that he's lost Frisco Fields, that they've taken over his drug operation there and shut down his green grocer. He won't let that stand.

Tommy Marcano

After killing Tommy Marcano, Lincoln will tell his underbosses that Southdowns belongs to them. Tommy was smart and set up some solid, low key rackets there, and it should be a smooth transition for them.


  • Cassandra
  • Burke
  • Vito