Sinner's Prayer is a song in Mafia III.


Yeah, my baby told me
She was happy she could be
Said, "I'm goin to church"
She was gonna pray for me
Go ahead
Well let your power be true

I said, "I may not being going to church
But wherever I'm going, I'll be praying for you"

I went to church last night to call on me no break
Fell on my knees, I forgot what to say
But I pray, I pray just sitting down

I said, I know she in this woods
She's in this woods somewhere

Well I got a happy in the preacher
Gotta have it too
He begin explainin' things to me
What he want me to do

He said, "You oughta preach, instead of prayin'
Then you won't have to go by what the people's saying"
I say, "Yeah, preacher I believe I will."
I said, "I have a kingdom, and that's what it is"

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