The Sinclair Sheriff's Office is a location in Mafia III.


The Sinclair Sheriff's Office is the headquarters of the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department. The building is located in the center of town.


Notable Items




  • Three notes, one on the reception desk, one in the second floor corner office, and one on Sheriff Beaumont's secretary's desk.


  • There is a painting of Remy Duvall hanging on the wall in the reception area.
  • There are two posters from Mafia II on a bulletin board upstairs, one for the Shubert 38 Panel Truck and for Big Break Blue cigarettes.
  • Wanted posters in the Sheriff's Office depict three names, Carl Sterling, Peter "Red" Zackery, and Deuta "Dino" Compton. At this time it is unknown if these are real people or what significance they may have to the game.


  • Reception
  • Beaumont's office
  • Wanted posters

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