The Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department is a law enforcement organization in the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.


The Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department is the predominant agency responsible for law enforcement and investigation within Sinclair Parish.


Interaction with the Sheriff's Department is scripted to occur throughout the main storyline of Faster, Baby!. Outside of those missions, they behave much like the New Bordeaux Police Department, with some notable exceptions.

Instead of blue, they appear as red enemy outlines on your mini-map. Like other enemy NPCs, they will attack on sight. Lincoln can use lethal melee takedowns on them, and when killed they drop weapons and cash. Once the main story is complete, they have no presence in Sinclair Parish but will arrive promptly if called by the townspeople. The blue and red police zones appear larger than those in New Bordeaux; however, their pursuit is generally called off once they lose sight of Lincoln, even if he's still inside the zone. When in pursuit, it will list "Sheriff's Deputies" along with a flashing blue badge above your mini-map. They will immediately end any pursuit once Lincoln crosses into Bayou Fantom, as they have no jurisdiction outside of the parish.









  • Sheriff's Department office
  • Sheriff's Department impound
  • Sheriff's Department vehicle
  • Sheriff's Department vehicle
  • Sheriff Beaumont
  • Deputy Tupelo
  • Note found at the Sheriff's Department
  • Note found at the Sheriff's Department
  • Note found at the Sheriff's Department

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