Sinclair Parish is a location that serves as the setting for the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.



Established October 7, 1846, Sinclair Parish is a small rural community on the outskirts of New Bordeaux, located west of Bayou Fantom. It's made up of family farms with a town center that serves as a central hub for its citizens.

Until 1968, the all-white population of the Parish was considered a "sundown county", meaning if any person of color was found there after dark, that would be the last anyone ever saw of them. This status quo was maintained by Sinclair's white supremacist Sheriff, Walter "Slim" Beaumont, and the racist Deputies of the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department.

Civil Rights Case

In 1968, the Parish found itself at the center of a civil rights case, brought against Sheriff Beaumont by a group of activists led by Charles Laveau. Together with a team of volunteers, including several brave citizens of Sinclair, the group brought down the Sheriff, his co-conspirators in the Sheriff's Department, and members of the Southern Union, some of whom belonged to the Louisiana political machine. This effort was the first step in bringing about lasting change to the community.

Locations of Interest


  • Prior to completion of the first Sit Down, the road leading to Sinclair Parish is blocked by a large rock slide.
  • A parish is a territorial division corresponding to a county in other states. Originally, Louisiana was the territory of Spain and then France, both Roman Catholic countries, and those colonial powers divided their lands according to church parish boundaries for administrative purposes. After annexation by the United States, Louisiana continued to refer to administrative regions as parishes rather than counties.


  • Road blocked by rock slide
  • Sinclair Parish welcome sign
  • Sinclair Parish billboard
  • Sinclair Parish billboard
  • Sheriff's re-election billboard
  • Alternative re-election billboard
  • Sinclair Parish farmland
  • Sinclair's Best Donuts
  • Sinclair Town Hall
  • Bubba's Gas Up
  • Sinclair Parish train depot

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