Silvio Tomasino is a minor character in Mafia II.


He was the father of Henry Tomasino, and a powerful and respected mafioso in Sicily. After Mussolini's clampdown on the Mafia he knew that Henry would either be drafted or jailed so he sent him to America. He used his contacts in the underworld to get him into the Clemente Crime Family as he was a friend of Alberto Clemente, though he was too old to make the trip to the states himself. He was arrested by Mussolini's secret police and subsequently died in jail. His body wasn't turned over for a proper burial. He only appears in Henry's police file that can be seen in The Story of Frankie Potts.


  • Eleonore Castrogiovanni (wife)
  • Henry Tomasino (son)
  • Bettina Canavosio (daughter-in-law, deceased)
  • Basilio Tomasino (son)
  • Fausto Tomasino (son)
  • Manfredo Tomasino (son)
  • Osvaldo Tomasino (son)
  • Pietro Tomasino (son)
  • Salvatore Tomasino (son)