The Shubert Truck is a vehicle in Mafia II.


The Shubert Truck is a cab-over engine design, single axle heavy-duty vehicle Box Truck, has an enclosed metal cargo compartment and comes with logos for two different Empire Bay companies, the Clemente & Co. Fresh Meat and the Sea Gift Fishing Co.



  • The Shubert Truck is based on the 1954 Chevrolet COE.
  • In Jimmy's Vendetta you blow up four Shubert Trucks in the mission Paddy Wagon.
  • Both the Clemente & Co. Fresh Meat and the SeaGift Fishing Co. versions count as two separate vehicles for the "Cars Driven" statistic.
  • The Clemente & Co. Fresh Meat and SeaGift Fishing Co. versions feature three city names written on the side: Lost Heaven, Brno, and Empire Bay. Brno is a city in the Czech Republic where 2K Czech is located.


  • Shubert Truck Front Quarter View
  • Shubert Truck Rear Quarter View
  • Clemente & Co. Fresh Meat Logo
  • SeaGift Fishing Co. Logo

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