Shubert Pickup Theft is a vehicle theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

J Icon VT"One of our customers has asked for a Shubert Pickup. A little truck like that is perfect for him to quickly move contraband up the coast of Empire Bay."


A quick car theft mission to get us started. Just trigger the mission and run across the road. Jump the fence and walk into the parking lot to find the Shubert Pickup. Pull the driver out and he'll begin to fight, so take care of him then get inside. Drive to the port, through the parking lot in front of the docks, and turn through the gate to find the garage. Park under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • In the vehicle theft missions you're compensated based on the vehicle's condition upon delivery, so it pays to pick the lock rather than smash the window and drive carefully to avoid damage.


  • The car driver looks exactly like Vinnie, and will pull out a weapon if Jimmy wields his gun.