Shubert Frigate Theft is a vehicle theft mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

J Icon VT"I got a sweet job for you, Jimmy. I need a Shubert Frigate for a friend of mine who's just come into some money. I can fix it up, but I'd rather not. The better condition you deliver the car in, the more money for you. Deal?"


This one involves a rather lengthy drive, it starts in the southern end of Hunters Point and the car is located in Highbrook. Time is tight on this one too, so make sure you start with a fast vehicle and get there as quickly as possible.

When you arrive you will find the car guarded by four gangsters. Take them out quickly then hop in the car and drive it to the garage in West Side. If you managed to get it there undamaged you will receive $6750.00 for your efforts.