Shubert Beverly Theft is a vehicle theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

J Icon VT"Hey Jimmy - thanks a lot for helping me out. I feel like I kind of owe you something. Tell you what - one of my guys left a Shubert Beverly out in the city this morning. If you pick it up, it's yours. Just watch out for the cops, I think they might be looking for it too."


This one is parked behind a fence in an alley across from Giuseppe's. Jump over the fence, get in the car, and make your way out to the street. The car's plates are wanted, so either pull into the body shop directly in front of you and change them, or stay clear of the cops. The good news is that it's only a two star level, so they won't start shooting unless you kill someone in it.

This one is going back to the safehouse in Oyster Bay, so drive it there and park under the rotating 'P' icon to wrap it up.


  • The car has a fully upgraded engine and a custom Nightfire paint design.
  • Once the mission is complete the car will be added to your garage; however, you're unable to remove it because it can't be sold or crushed. Your only option is to wait until your garage is full and replace it with another vehicle. On the plus side, if your garage is currently full this will permanently increase its capacity by one vehicle.