Sheila is a character in Mafia III.


Sheila makes ends meet by working the coat check at Doucet's. She informs Lincoln where he can find the strung-out girls Merle Jackson has locked away and warns him to be careful because there are men all over the brothel.

Strung-out Girls

When Lincoln meets with Sheila, she informs him about three girls kept locked away inside the club. The girls are given regular injections of drugs by a man called "Doctor Horse" to keep them both under control and make them more willing to perform the sex acts required of them.

  • Theresa Mayeux: Theresa was on the road to college when she got picked up by Merle's assholes.
  • Deborah Rouquette: Deborah worked pimp free for years, until Doctor Horse got her hooked on smack.
  • Lucy Doussan: Blessed with an intellect that could take her to city hall, but instincts that could use a little work.



  • After Doucet's is taken over by Cassandra and reopened as Perla's Nightclub, Sheila is replaced as the coat check girl by Raejeanne.