Send a Message is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Eddie Scarpa. JA Icon E
"Joe, looks like the DA is getting fuckin' greedy again. Sonnavabitch turned down this month's payoff, has the balls to say it ain't enough. That asshole just bought a new car with our fuckin' money and this is what I get. I want you to find the little shit's ride and leave a message under the hood. Harry'll set you up. Just remember Joe, I want him scared, not dead. And I want it done now!"


In case there's any doubt, the message Joe will be leaving under the DA's hood is a bomb, so start the mission and drive to Harry's Gun Shop in Kingston to pick it up. Go inside and the 'package' will be sitting on the counter; there's no charge, so just grab it and leave the shop.

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Get in your car and drive to the Empire Arms Hotel in Midtown. Remember, you have a bomb sitting next to you so drive carefully; you have plenty of time so there's no rush. When you get there you'll see a Jefferson Provincial with a large green arrow above it in the parking lot, which is your target.

Don't park your car too close or you'll take it out with the blast; now get out and walk over to the DA's car. Despite what the mission brief said, you need to plant it on the side of the car, not under the hood. Once it's planted a five second countdown will begin, so get away from there quickly. When the car blows you'll get an immediate wanted level so get to the nearby safe zone in West Side and end the mission.


  • Once this mission ends there will be a swarm of police circling the area, making it hard to get away with a four star wanted level on both you and your car. The easiest way is to steal a nearby car with clean plates; if you set the speed limiter and drive carefully the police won't notice you, making it easier to go wherever you need to from there.


  • A D.A. or District Attorney is an official who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offenses. The district attorney is also the highest officeholder in law enforcement of their jurisdiction and supervises a staff of assistant or deputy district attorneys.