Senator Jacobs is a character in Mafia III.


Walter Jacobs was a Senator for the state of Louisiana, who held a position with the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee. He came under Lou Marcano's radar after he exploited Jacobs' penchant for cheating on his wife with prostitutes. Following the murder of district judge Cornelius Holden at Lincoln Clay's hands, Lou and Sal Marcano needed another influential politician within New Bordeaux that they could bribe to overturn the state ban on gambling.

The Fundraiser

Lou Marcano threw a fundraising party for the Senator aboard The Delphine in order to get back into Sal's good graces after Lincoln Clay destroyed his ability to earn money by taking over his rackets in the French Ward and murdered Judge Holden, who was being heavily bribed by Lou to overturn the state ban on gambling.

When Lincoln's attack on the riverboat begins, Lou orders his men to protect Senator Jacobs, since he's his last chance to salvage the gambling legalization plan. However, once all his men have been killed and Clay is pointing a gun at him, Lou changes his mind about the Senator and tries to take him hostage so that Clay will let him escape. Lou's escape plan is foiled, however, when the riverboat's engine explodes beneath them, knocking Clay and Marcano into the river and killing Senator Jacobs.



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  • Uncle Lou threatening Senator Jacobs