The Scaletta Family Apartment is a location in Empire Bay.


It is one of Vito Scaletta's safehouses in Mafia II. Maria and daughter Francesca are the owners of this apartment. Vito cannot continue to live in the apartment after he gets his own home. The building's entrance is at the end of a blind alley in Little Italy.

The apartment first made an appearance in the beginning of the game in the chapter Home Sweet Home.


  • The apartment has no refrigerator. This reflects the times of poverty the Scaletta family are currently living in, however the lack of an ice box indicates it may have simply been forgotten.
  • After the death of Vito and Frankie's mother, Frankie allows her husband Eric Reilly to move into the apartment with her. You can visit them right after you exit the cab in In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza. Oddly enough, the door will still say "Scaletta" rather then "Reilly".
  • It seems this isn't the apartment the Scaletta Family moved into when they first came to Empire Bay.
  • In the bedroom and in the kitchen, there is a picture of Jesus on the wall.
  • Strangely enough, despite there being three occupants (Maria, Francesca and Vito), there are only two beds.