The Scaletta Family is an Italian family from the Sicilian village of San Martino who appear in Mafia II.


In 1920, Antonio and Maria Scaletta got married and the following year they had their first child Francesca. Four years later, they had a son named Vito.

They immigrated to Empire Bay in 1932 in search of a better life. Economically, things did not seem much better for them in America, as Antonio got a backbreaking job at the docks working for Derek Pappalardo, who was their "padrone" who both arranged the travel from Italy to the United States as well as hired him at the docks. However, coming to America had been a blessing for the Scaletta family liberty-wise as back in Italy Benito Mussolini and the fascists had come to power, and were making life hard for the Sicilians.

The family lived in an apartment in Hunters Point for an unknown amount of time before they moved to Little Italy. However, it may be safe to say that they moved fairly shortly after their arrival in Empire Bay as Vito says he met Joe Barbaro when they both attended the same school. Years later, in 1945, Francesca went on and married Eric Reilly and he became part of the family.



  • The family owned a pizzeria but it is unknown if it was in Sicily. The pizzeria was later cut from the final product of the game.


  • Antonio Scaletta
  • Maria Scaletta
  • Francesca Scaletta
  • Vito Scaletta
  • Eric Reilly
  • Scaletta family
  • Scaletta family
  • Scaletta family