The Sawed-off Shotgun is a weapon in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It is a double barreled two round shotgun that has its barrel and stock cut short, making it easier to conceal and use at close range.


It's first seen in The Whore, where it's used by the receptionist. In Omerta, Vincenzo gives Tommy one to assassinate Frank and refers to it as "the traditional Sicilian way". It is seen again as Tommy's weapon during the mission Crème De La Crème, this time in order to assassinate Don Morello.

In Free Ride, the gangsters around the city may have a special one, it fires 8 rounds in rapid succession.

Real World

You can find more real world information about the sawed-off shotgun on its Wikipedia page.


  • When Vincenzo first gives the sawed-off shotgun to Tommy, he says that in the old country, they call it a Lupara.
  • This is the weapon that Joe Barbaro uses to kill Tommy in the Epilogue; however, it is replaced with the shotgun in Mafia II.
  • The sawed-off shotgun returns in Mafia III as the Lupara.