Saving Marty is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Marty Santorelli. JA Icon M
"Joe! I'm in deep shit here! Went back to work this morning and this hotrod just comes right at me! I didn't get hurt or nothin', but these guys show up outta nowhere and want me to pay for it! I told those fucks, next time they better watch where they park their ride. Next thing I know, they're shootin' at me! I ran down some subway station over near Kingston. These assholes are gettin' closer Joe, and they're gonna find me! I don't want to die down here!"


Once you begin, drive the short distance to the entrance of the subway station and head down the stairs. Make your way to the right down a second flight of stairs and take cover behind the large subway map at the bottom. As soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs the Bombers will open fire, so it's a good idea to draw a weapon on your way down. Take out the first group then go get Marty.

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As you approach the stairs with Marty a second group of Bombers will appear at the top. Let go of him, take cover, and take them out as they come down. You most likely earned a wanted level by now and there's a good chance one or two police officers may come along at any time so be ready for them as well.

Grab Marty again and begin dragging him up the stairs. Just as you get to the top a third group will enter the subway; let him go once more and take them out. Aside from any police who wander along this will be the last of them. Grab Marty one last time and drag him to the entrance. As you near the top you'll automatically get in your car. Follow your GPS to El Greco's House in Highbrook. Remember you have a wanted level, so watch your speed near any police to avoid a chase and you should be fine. Once you arrive activate the safe zone by the front door to end the mission.