Sativa is a basic strain of cannabis found in the Mafia III DLC, Faster, Baby!.


Sativa is the fourth and final strain of cannabis Lincoln and M.J. cultivate after setting up their Grow House at Laveau's Compound. Once Lincoln has earned $25,000 from their crops, M.J. will send him out to collect three Sativa plants.


One will be located on an island in the center of Bayou Fantom, inside a shack along with $1500-$2250 in cash and a Southern Union man and a Mayweather .30 outside. Another is on River Island, in a boathouse with a few Marcano men. The last one is inside a shack in central Barclay Mills with one man on the back porch. Upon returning to M.J. with the plants, Herbalism level 4 will be unlocked.

Strain Details

  • THC: 30 - 100
  • CBD: 60 - 100
  • Growth Rate: Very slow - average.
  • Fragility: Very fragile - very strong.
  • Yield: Average - high.
  • Quality: 64 - 100%.
  • Available Flavors: Bland, spicy, sweet, floral.

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