Sarah Angelo is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

"Are you one of Salieri's tough guys?"


She the daughter of Luigi and later becomes Tommy Angelo's wife. They meet when Tommy escorts her home in the mission Sarah and protects her from a street gang. Sarah then invites Tommy in to her apartment at the end of the mission Sarah gives Tommy alcohol for the pain shortly after they have sex. Here, Tommy realizes he can spend the rest of his life with this woman.

In conversations with Frank and Paulie, Tommy expresses some doubt on whether he will be able to maintain any future relationship with Sarah while he is working for Don Salieri, committing crimes and murdering rivals. For example, at the end of Better Get Used to It, he wonders what his mother or Sarah would think if they saw him shoot the thug in the car. However, they develop a relationship which evolves throughout the game, and eventually they get married and have a daughter. This relationship blossoms in Sarah, and is touched on in other missions, such as A Trip to the Country, Bon Appétit and in the epilogue. Sarah appears for a moment after the race in Fairplay.

After the events in the mission The Death of Art, Tommy, Sarah, and their daughter had to flee Lost Heaven and Tommy later returns to talk to Det. Norman. After agreeing to testify, Tommy is sentenced to 8 years in prison from which Sarah and her daughter could not visit him. In 1946, Tommy is released and reunited with his wife and their daughter and moved to the other side of the country (later to be shown as Empire Bay), as part of his deal he made for his testimony. On September 25, 1951, Tommy was murdered on their front lawn. Following her husband's death, it is unknown what becomes of her and her daughter.


  • Sarah is most likely a reference to Lorraine Bracco's character Karen Hill in the 1990 movie Goodfellas.
  • During the beta version of the game, Sarah was to be a blonde. She was later changed to ginger, then to her current brunette hair.
  • In the mission Running Man Tom drives a woman to the theater on Central Island. It's possibly Sarah due to fact that the woman looks exactly like her and that they are voiced by the same person.
  • According to Don Salieri she is a bad cook.


  • One of Tommy's passengers
  • Sarah and Tommy being attacked by thugs