Sarah is the 6th mission in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


Luigi asks you to escort his daughter Sarah home after she has problems with some local hooligans. Tommy agrees to escort her home.


The mission starts off simple, with some small talk between the two, as Sarah asks what Tommy does working for Don Salieri. He tells her about his job, leaving out some details. After they walk down an alley, a cutscene happens. In the scene, three men, the hooligans who have been bothering Sarah, as well as the local inhabitants, emerge from a shed. They start taunting them. Tommy asks politely for them to leave. One of them says it's not going to happen. After the scene is over, the men will have weapons, a knife, a baseball bat, and brass knuckles. Use the knuckle-duster from your coat pocket to help. After all three have been defeated, chase after Sarah and kill the other guys. Sarah then thanks you and notices you are hurt. She then asks you to come back home so she can give medical aid. Along the way, they spark up another conversation, primarily about their lives.


A cutscene will play showing Tommy and Sarah entering her apartment. After some flirting, the two end up sleeping together. In the end, Tommy narrates that he never felt this way about anyone and hopes to see her more.


  • This is the only mission in the game that consists primarily of gameplay on foot. It is also one of the shortest missions in the game.
  • You can also defeat the three hooligans with a wooden plank, but it's not as effective as the brass knuckles.