The San Celeste Town Hall is a location in Mafia II.


It is the town hall of the small sicilian city of San Celeste and located in the center of the village. In 1943, during Operation Husky, the Town Hall and the rest of San Celeste was subject to a battle between American Paratroopers of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the Italian 'Blackshirt' Army.

American soldiers Vito Scaletta, the Corporal and Private Williams teamed up with the local resistance and opened fire on Italian troops standing outside the Town Hall threatening the village people. Shortly thereafter, the Americans pushed into the Town Hall, killing a large amount of Italian soldiers before being hit by a tank's artillery fire. As the remaining soldiers inside were killed off by shots to the head with a .38 SMG, which killed all remaining Americans in the Hall except for Vito Scaletta, Don Calò appeared in an american Sherman Tank and managed to make the Italians surrender to approaching U.S. soldiers. The Town Hall was then captured along with the entire village of San Celeste.