Sammy Robinson is a character in Mafia III.


Sammy is the proprietor of Sammy's Bar and boss of the Black Mob in Delray Hollow. He is partnered with the Marcano Crime Family, kicking up profits from his operations like the Black Lottery to Sal Marcano. When those profits began to drop due to interference from the Haitian's, Marcano saw this as weakness on Sammy's part and offered his job to Lincoln Clay, who refused his offer. This led Sal to betray his partnership with Sammy, killing him and other key members of his organization and leaving Lincoln Clay for dead.

After his death, Sammy is buried along with his wife Perla and son Ellis in the Robinson family tomb at the Delray Hollow Cemetery.




Information coming soon.


  • Sammy's bar
  • Young Sammy Robinson
  • The watch Sammy gave Lincoln
  • Robinson Family tomb, Delray Hollow Cemetery

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