Sammy's Bar is a location in Mafia III.


The bar is owned by Sammy Robinson and is located in Delray Hollow. It is the base of operations for the Black Mob and all of their rackets are run out of Sammy's office there. He also uses it as a recruitment center where he gets young black kids off the street to work for him in his rackets.

In 1968 the bar was set on fire by Sal Marcano and his men after they killed Sammy, Ellis, Danny and left Lincoln Clay for dead, reducing the building to a burned out shell. At some point after 1968 the building was demolished and a parking lot now sits where the bar once was, Father James claims it's because nobody ever wanted to live there again.


Mafia III

Sign of the Times

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Notable Items




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  • Mural on side of Sammy's Bar
  • Sammy's Bar before the fire
  • Sammy's Bar after the fire
  • Sammy's Bar interior
  • Sammy's Bar interior
  • Sammy's Bar interior
  • Sammy's Bar kitchen
  • Sammy's Bar basement
  • Sammy's Bar basement
  • Location of Sammy's as it appears in 2016

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