Sammy is a minor character in Mafia II.


Sammy was a soldato in the Clemente Crime Family who worked at the Clemente Slaughterhouse. He assisted Luca Gurino in interrogating Harvey Epstein, Antonio Balsamo, and Frankie the Mick in Clemente's Slaughterhouse by torturing them, which resulted in Frankie being killed. Vito Scaletta confronted Luca, but was disarmed by Sammy, after which the two fought in hand to hand combat. Despite being hit several times, Sammy was able to counter the attacks and throw Vito to the ground. He was then thrown a cleaver by a Clemente soldier, and as he approached Vito, Antonio kicked Vito's gun back to him. Vito managed to shoot Sammy several times, causing him to drop dead on the floor.

Mission Appearances


  • Sammy only grunts when he is attacking Vito. If you listen closely, his grunts sound like Brian O'Neill when he is fighting Vito in the prison gym.
  • Sammy has tattoos on both of his biceps.