The Salieri-Morello War (1930-1935) was a conflict between the Salieri and Morello crime families that took place in Lost Heaven. In 1930, nine years after the forming of both families, Don Morello decided to expand into Salieri's territory and started attacking both Salieri's men and businesses. Salieri considered this an act of war even though it wasn't openly declared. The war continued for five years, with both factions continually losing men and money. Finally, in 1935, after a failed assassination attempt on Salieri, the mob war was openly declared. Salieri then plotted a chain of assassination attempts on the Morello family's key figures.

Shortly thereafter, the Morellos' man inside of City Hall, the City Councilor, was killed during his speech at his birthday party aboard a steamboat. Next was Sergio Morello Jr., and finally, Don Morello. In the end, the Salieri crime family won the war and the Morello crime family became extinct.

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